You’re ready to buy a home and you want the best rate possible. With our Colony Bank 5-Year Rate Protection Promise, you can buy your dream home with the peace of mind that if interest rates drop anytime within the next 5 years, we can refinance qualifying customers into a lower rate with:

No lender fee and no appraisal fee.*

To qualify, original loan rate must be locked by 2/17/2023.

If rates change after you obtain a loan ("original loan") through Colony Bank Mortgage ("Lender"), you may qualify for a refinance loan ("refi") with Lender through the Colony Commitment-5-year Rate Promise. Lender will cover the cost of the applicant’s appraisal up to $500. Applicants are responsible for any amount greater than $500. Discount may be less in instances where other concessions have been made to applicant. Lender will also waive fees paid by applicant to Lender ("Lender Fees") on this refi loan. 3rd party charges will still apply. To be eligible for appraisal fee offer and no lender fees offer, applicant must provide a complete application, submit requested documentation, and have their credit pulled. Refi approval subject to borrower and property qualifications, not all applicants will qualify. Refi offer is available after 6 payments have been made on the original loan and until 5 years after the date of first payment on the original loan. Applicable on new applications only – not available for loans currently in process. Speak to a Loan Officer for more information.