Online Banking

Your time is important to you and it’s equally important to Colony Bank. That’s why we created Colony Online Banking. It is designed for people with your lifestyle, who want to bank when and where it is convenient for them. And best of all, it is free.

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At your convenience, you will be able to:

  • View account balances
  • Transfer funds
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Check on status of deposits, loans, cleared checks, ATM transactions
  • View monthly account information for checking, money markets, savings, IRAs, loans and CDs
  • View and print current and previous period account statements – available in two formats; statement only or statement with check images like the one that is mailed to you
  • Download account activity into financial management software such as Quicken® or Microsoft Money®
  • Pay bills online

Enhanced Security video

What is Enhanced Online Security?

Enhanced Online Security is our Log In authentication system for Online Banking. It utilizes multiple layers of security to ensure that your accounts and information remain secure. Enhanced Online Security protects you from fraud and identity theft by preventing unauthorized access to your accounts.

How do I enroll?

Enhanced Online Security is very easy to use and there is no software to install. Just follow the instructions to enroll and learn about Enhanced Online Security log-in procedures.

How does Enhanced Online Security work?

The system uses multiple layers of security ensuring unauthorized users cannot gain access to your accounts. We do this by verifying three important criteria:

Your Log In Credentials - Access ID and Password must match with our system records or access is refused.
Your Device - We check the device you are using – whether it’s your computer, mobile phone or tablet. If we don’t recognize the device, we may ask you to answer a Security Challenge question to ensure your identity.
Your Location - If access is being requested from an unusual geographic location, we may ask you to answer one of your Challenge questions before giving you access. When you are logging in, our Extended Validation Certificate will display as a "green bar" in your browser address bar. You can always enter your credentials with the assurance that if your browser address bar is green, your connection is safe. It is a known and trusted way to verify the authenticity of a website.

Call Colony Bank at 1-800-873-6404 or email for further information or contact a Customer Service Representative at one of our convenient locations near you.

*Please do not include sensitive information (account numbers or personal data) within unsecure email.