Discover Debit Security Alerts

Consumer Cardholder Benefit Only

Discover Debit security alerts are powered by Experian®
• Enrollment required to participate,visit
• Benefits are free to the cardholder
• Dark Web Alerts: Daily monitoring of thousands of dark web sites known for revealing personal information.
• Credit Monitoring: Daily monitoring of the cardholder’s Experian® credit report for new inquiries or accounts.
• FICO® Credit Score: Understand your FICO credit score and the factors that affect it.

Zero Liability on Unauthorized Purchases

Consumer & Business Cardholder Benefit

• Protection against unauthorized use of your Discover Debit card provided the card has been handled responsibly
• No more than two unauthorized events reported within 12 months
• Cardholder has not benefited from its unauthorized use
• If unauthorized use occurs, report it to your financial institution

Human Resource Consultant

Business Cardholder Benefit ONLY

Unlimited telephone access to human resource professional who can provide small business professionals with HR related content on topics such as:
• Employee recruitment
• Retention and performance
• Polices, procedures and regulations
• Call 1-866-546-7411 M-F 8:30 am –7:00 pm CT

Attorney on Call

Business Cardholder Benefit ONLY

Unlimited telephone access to generic legal information and network of local attorney referrals upon request
• Access to educational information on a variety of topics without limitation, such as family law, landlord-tenant, real estate, business law, commercial litigation and immigration.
• In the event legal advice is needed, i.e., representation or review of a document, the member can be referred to a local network attorney
• First 30 minutes free, after that a 25% discount off of local network attorney fees applies
• Call 1-866-546-7411 M-F 8:30 am –7:00 pm CT