Welcome & FAQs

SouthCrest customers have begun receiving Welcome Letters and a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Please be on the lookout for these materials if you are a current SouthCrest customer. For a copy of the welcome letter and to view the FAQs, please click below.

Customer Communications

Customer Reference Guide:

On September 27, 2021 Customer Reference Guides were mailed out to all SouthCrest customers. Additional copies of the Customer Reference Guide have been sent to SouthCrest Banking Center locations for new customers or customers that need an additional copy. These guides outline all of our Colony Bank products, benefits, and step-by-step outline of any instructions to set up a product/service. In this guide, you will also find legal disclosures such as Truth in Savings (this disclosure is designed so that customers can make meaningful comparisons among banks), Georgia Terms and Conditions, our Funds Availability Policy, Overdraft Protection, Privacy Policy and more. For a digital copy of the Customer Reference Guide click the button below.

For the full Press Release, click below.

Conversion Postcard

Click on the postcard above to view the full mailer. Note: Mobile apps for personal and business accounts will be available for use on November 8th, 2021. Previous versions of this postcard should be disregarded.