Thumbprint Signature Program

Check fraud costs consumers, as well as banks, millions of dollars each year. In an effort to combat crime and protect our customers, Colony Bank is joining the Thumbprint Signature Program. This program will help stop criminals from committing check fraud. When fraudulent activity does occur, law enforcement agencies will have thumbprints as evidence to use in apprehending and prosecuting those responsible.

This program is very simple, and will not apply to account holders at our bank. When cashing checks, all non-account holders will be asked to apply their right thumb to an inkless fingerprinting device that leaves no ink stain or residue. The Thumbprint Signature will be placed on the face of the check between the memo and signature lines. Participating banks will not maintain a data bank of Thumbprint Signatures. These signatures will be used by law enforcement officials only in cases where fraud is suspected.

We are excited about this program and hope you support us in our fight against crime. Your support helps us send a clear message to criminals that banks and their customers will no longer tolerate check fraud.