Liquidity Management

We provide an investment strategy to meet the needs of our clients. ICS and CDARS are now called IntraFi Network Deposits. Our customers, both business and consumer, can use their cash balances to work in DDAs, MMAs, and CDs to provide full FDIC insurance through a single relationship.

ICS Promontory

  • Keep your funds protected with additional insurance for accounts with balances exceeding the FDIC's standard coverage limit of $250,000.


  • CDARS - Known as Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service allows us to place large deposit amounts into CDs issued by other banks in the CDARS network in increments under the standard FDIC insurance Maximum.
    • Both interest and principal are eligible for FDIC coverage
    • Offers daily compounding interest
    • A set maturity date
    • A single consolidated account statement of all funds
    • Reduce time spent managing multiple bank relationships
    • Reduce administrative activities of maintaining maturity dates and organizing interest disbursements from various financial institutions

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