Mobile Deposit

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Depositing checks from your smart phone is a snap.

With Mobile Banking, you can check your balance, transfer funds, find a branch or ATM, and pay your bills. Now, with Mobile Deposit, you can even deposit checks directly from your smart phone.

Account Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Colony Bank Consumer Checking or Savings account

System and application requirements:

  • iPhone 4, 5 models or Newer
    • Version 4.1+ operating system
  • Android models
    • Version 2.1.1+ of the operating system
    • Cameras with 2.0+ Megapixel resolution and autofocus
    • Either touch screen or keyboard phones

Deposit Instructions:

  • All check payees should sign/endorse the top line on the back of the check. On the line below the signature(s), write “For Mobile Deposit Only Colony Bank”
  • Tap your Colony Bank Mobile Banking app
  • Select Deposits from the Menu
  • Select New Deposit
  • Select the account to receive the deposit
  • Enter the amount of the check
  • Snap a photo of the front and back of the check
  • Confirm deposit.
  • You will receive a confirmation on your phone that your Deposit is being processed
  • Please keep the paper check until the funds are posted to your account.

Check Image Tips:

  • Take photo against a background with a strong contrast between the check and the surrounding area
  • Position the camera above the check so there is no angle
  • Move any objects that show up in the picture away from the check
  • Make sure the check is visible, contains all four corners, in focus and well lit
  • The check must contain a readable; check number, payee name and endorsement
  • The check must contain a readable MICR line at the bottom of the check
  • The check must contain a readable character (numeric) amount of the check and legal amount of the check
  • The check must be drawn on an institution located within the United States

Check Safekeeping, Retention and Destruction:

Please keep the paper check until the funds are posted to your account.
A cross-cut or diamond shredder will assist in complete destruction of check information. Do not leave deposited checks lying around, do not put deposited checks in trash or recycle containers, unless they have been shredded first.

Deposit Limits:
Your deposit limits will be displayed in the Mobile Deposit app on your phone.

Funds Availability:
Items transmitted using the Deposit Services are subject to our Funds Availability Policy. In general, if an image of an item you transmit through the Deposit Services is received and accepted before 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time on a business day that we are open, we consider that day to be the day of your deposit. Otherwise, we will consider that the deposit was made on the next business day we are open. The Bank may delay availability of funds based on such factors as the length and extent of your relationship with us, transaction and experience information, and such other factors as the Bank, in its sole discretion, deems relevant.